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What is my boat worth?

This is the first question people ask a broker or dealer when considering selling or trading in their current boat, and often times they will receive different answers. This is usually dependent upon if the broker is giving you honest market advice, or just “over-allowing” the actual cash value of your boat.

Grande Yachts International will give you straight answers. We actually buy & own all our trades which means we can give you the maximum amount the market will bear. Dealers who cannot afford to buy your boat directly look for wholesale outlets for your trade resulting in a “middle man” making money off of your investment.

The bottom line is your boat is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Take advantage of the hassle free sale of a dealership that will give you top dollar for your trade, relieve you of the hassle of selling a boat & give you the upside tax advantage by only paying tax on the cash difference of your new purchase.

At Grande Yachts, we represent quality boats and yachts from both buyers and sellers. We would be happy to represent you. Contact your local GYI sales office today.

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